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Electrolux Procedures


Electrolux Procedures

  1. When recived, each task should be reported in the system (as open task).
  2. Required documents to attache in our system: picture of product label with serial number and picture of proof of purchase.
  3. Please enter these data in our system: defect description, repair description, seril number of product, date of purchase, spare parts numbers (if they were replaced) and customer contact data (address and phone number)
  4. Spare parts should be ordered in our system, in repair that they are needed for.
  5. The maximum possible time of performing of the Services shall be in compliance with the requirements of the local laws on each territory, but in no case may exceed 14 (fourteen) calendar days.
  6. In case late finish of taks, Electrolux may unilaterally terminate the Agreement with respect to this territory with immediate effect
  7. Documentation (service manuals and spare parts lists) are available at website: (login and pass send by email)
  8. Report finished task ASAP the latest not later than 3 days after completition.
  9. 10 days before end of month (about 20th) we finish period and all tasks must be updated and finalized. Task not finished till this day will go to the next period.
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